Monday, July 5, 2021

Enhancing Social Media for Marketing Books or Any Business

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 The burning questions:

How do I to enhance my social media marketing−simply and easily? How do I increase my readership and clientele? How do I get more followers? How do I increase my reach? How do I get people to buy? I’m not going to waste your time explaining things you already know.

We know we need social media sites. Don’t get caught up in statistics. Pay closer attention to the bottom line. We know about newsletters, and reviews, and etc.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions.

Get people to your page. Easy-peasy right? No. it’s not. You have to keep plugging away at it. Every day.

How do you get people to your page? Advertise and promote. Whether it’s free or paid, it’s still advertising and promoting. How much you pay and how careful you are with your money is very important. If you take promotions that are free, you may not get the reach you want or even be reaching the buyers you want. How much time you put into it determines what you get back. And where are your hard earned dollars going? If you’re only getting a small percentage of readers/buyers, you’re on the wrong track.

Get them to like and share your page.

You have a like and share on your page but they’re not sharing as much as you would like, right? How do you get them to like and share? Pay them for it. That’s right. Pay them…sort of. Offer them something in exchange for sharing your page and make sure they show you that they did it. For example: on Facebook have them tag you, or on twitter, have them @ you and you can see what they’ve done.

Examples of gifts: A free short story, a free pdf copy of your book, a free photo, a chance to win an Amazon gift card or Kindle Fire.

There are share plugins that you can use to unlock a special area that gives away free stuff.

Have you heard of Slide-Share? LinkedIn has a program similar to Pinterest only it shares slides. and Social Jukebox are two very good places to go to build relationships on twitter. Both have free options. Scheduling options are available and that is the cat’s meow! It saves you so much time, valuable time.

Don’t forget YouTube.

Create or join a small group of authors who are in the same genre as you. Don’t worry about sharing a post from another author thinking that you’ll lose a sale. There are plenty of readers to go around. That author may have a reader interested in your book.

A small group is very important. It’s exclusive and a schedule can be easily arranged. Let’s say you have five western romance authors in your group. Each author is assigned a day and she/he will share on their networking sites a post about your book/business on their day only. (Unless, they want to do more.) Once a week, that’s all you’re asking from each other. All you have to do is keep each other updated on new releases, discounts, etc.

If you’re not active on any of the social media sites, you’re dropping the ball. It’s time consuming to be constantly on all these sites. (That’s what we’re here for.) If you don’t use our promotional services, please find someone who does this for you. Social Jukebox and Buffer are two programs that will schedule your tweets and posts, creating a consistent presence. Just make sure you answer comments when you can.

Also, this is extremely important in keeping your presence in the mind of readers. Follow back! Yes, follow back. You are not more important than they are. Actually, as an author, your readers (and authors are also readers) should be more important, so, follow them back!

Now, I’m not saying follow back sketchy people or accounts. If you don’t like the look of their page, do not follow them back. Common sense and your safety must always prevail.

And the most irritating of all, when not used properly, pop-ups. Pop-ups are irritating to all of us, mostly when they’re being used the moment you hit someone’s page. Goodness, give the person a chance to read the page first! Pop-ups must be used properly in order for them to work to your advantage.

When they leave the page or pages, then utilize the pop-up. And please don’t do it to all the pages. Pick one or two pages and take advantage of the pop-up. Anything more and you’ll turn off the reader and possibly lose them completely.

Now, just to run it by you again, joining a bunch of social media groups does you absolutely no good if you are not active on the sites. If you do not take the time, you need to find someone to do it for you at a reasonable cost to you. It’s time consuming. Even with the scheduled tweets and posts, it is still time-consuming.

You have to make sure your posts and tweets are fresh. You can’t use the same posts over and over again for weeks and months at a time. The readers will block you out and skip over you. We can’t have that now, can we?

And don’t give up. Keep plugging away at it.


Join social networks and be interactive. Follow back!

Take advantage of programs out there to make your life easier.

Use your social media to get your readers involved by holding contests, asking questions, holding interviews

And most of all−advertise.

Advertising can be free or even a group of authors who've pooled in their money to create a coop for advertising their books/genre/products. Do you have a coop? Would you like to start one? 

What are your ideas on how to enhance your social media for marketing and advertising your books? Let's work together!



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